Welcome to the Rubyteva Design Blog!

I am so excited to share with you my journey and show you the ins and outs on how I create each collection.

Rubyteva Design began 25 years ago!

It has evolved organically over the years selling to shops all over Australia and NZ. I feel incredibly grateful that people still love to wear my jewellery designs after all these years.

Designing and making jewellery is my passion.

Gem stones inspire each piece of jewellery. I can find a beautiful strand of Sapphires or Emeralds in a shop and I instantly see a design right then and there! The stones somehow speak to me and I listen carefully...

My greatest creation is my son Ryder. He may pop up along the way as he is my number one inspiration! He is an integral part of the Rubyteva journey...

I look forward to showing you what magic I have created in the upcoming Summer 2017/18 collection.














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