Summer 2018/19 Collection

I’m so happy about the release of my latest Summer 2018/19 collection which I have loved creating.  It was really exciting to launch it last week in stores across Australia – both in major cities and in beautiful towns and areas, such as the Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, the Blue Mountains - and also in New Zealand.

Each collection is a careful 6-month process, that begins in February, when I visit my trusted suppliers in Bangkok, and work with my designers of many years to create pieces that are unique and special, and always custom produced.  

This latest collection reflects the ideas and designs behind my new range.  My creative process a free-flowing, organic way of developing new designs and ideas, and inspiration may come from anywhere – a beautiful string of beads; a colour - that for me symbolises summer; a special gemstone; or perhaps just something I might feel like wearing myself!

Initially I handpick the stones from my trustworthy sources.  Many of these stones come from India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand.  And then the creative process begins, as I begin to design and craft my special pieces.

This summers’ collection features fine chains for layering – both necklaces and bracelets, bold earrings, beautiful rare gemstones, and the highest quality silver and 22 carat gold plating.

 I hope you enjoy wearing my creations as much as I enjoyed making them.



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